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Development and construction phase management

Our role as an asset manager shall vary depending on the involvement of the developer and the investor, and can range from simple accounting, tax and finance/reporting support to full PV project management incl. arrangement of external financing, arrangement of key contracts, EPC and technical inspector coordination and supervision.

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Operational phase commercial and technical asset management

The role of asset manager is value protection and constant optimisation of the asset​

Commercial asset management is aimed at optimizing the financial performance and position of the assets while protecting the investment value. Main areas of our activity are:

  • administration, legal, tax and accounting management and compliance, 
  • revenue management,
  • contracts management (incl. renegotiations), 
  • expenditures management and procurement,
  • cash flow management, 
  • liaising with key stakeholders (incl. owners, banks, regulatory bodies, offtakers etc.),
  • financing and loan compliance management,
  • tailored and interactive reporting and information management.

Technical asset management is aimed at optimisation of a plant performance i.e. maximisation of energy production, reduction of downtime or decrease in energy consumption. Main areas of our activity shall be to:

  • supervise the O&M provider,
  • analyse the production and performance of a plant on an ongoing basis and report plant KPIs together with recommended actions,
  • ensure regulatory compliance,
  • manage warranties and insurance claims.